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Corporate Reporting 2015

Henkel Corporate Reporting 2015

More Henkel Corporate Reporting 2015

Sustainability Report 2015

Henkel Sustainability Report 2015

Facts and Figures 2015

Henkel Facts and Figures 2015

Corporate Report 2015

Henkel Corporate Report 2015

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Henkel app
Sustainability Report 2015

Initiatives for greater sustainability

In 2011, Henkel and five other companies in the chemical industry established the initiative “Together for Sustainability – The Chemical Initiative for Sustainable Supply Chains” (TfS). It is based on the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the Responsible Care Initiative of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA). The TfS initiative aims to harmonize the increasingly complex supply chain management processes with regard to sustainability and to optimize the dialog among worldwide business partners. Above all, synergies are to be created so that resources can be used more efficiently and with a minimum of administrative effort, not only among the member companies but also with all of our shared suppliers.

At the heart of the initiative is the idea: “An audit for one is an audit for all.” Suppliers only have to undergo one assessment or one audit. These are conducted by independent experts. An internet platform is then used to make the results available to all members of the initiative for information and approval. Since 2014, TfS has a new legal identity: Through partnering with the Brussels-based European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC), the initiative now has the status of an independent, non-profit organization. This collaboration will generate even more synergies across the chemical industry.

The TfS grew once again in 2015 and the number of members has tripled from the original six to 18. Last year, the first companies from the USA joined the initiative. Global expansion of the assessment and audit program, driven in part by supplier conferences in Shanghai and São Paulo, was again a main focus of activities in 2015. In addition, the initiative was singled out for mention by the Ethical Corporation: TfS was “highly commended” in the category “Best Supplier Engagement.”

Joint platform for sustainable and efficient supplier management

TfS members are responsible for using supplier codes and risk analyses to define their supplier requirements. Assessments and audits are then performed by independent experts for the Initiative. Performance is assessed in the areas of management, environment, health and safety, employment rights, human rights, and ethical corporate governance topics. A new assessment or audit is used to check that corrective actions have been implemented. Follow-up controls and subsequent supplier management is the responsibility of the individual member companies.

Joint platform for sustainable and efficient supplier management


Henkel is also a member of AIM-PROGRESS, a forum of companies in the consumer goods industry. Like the “Together for Sustainability” Initiative, AIM-PROGRESS encourages member companies to share experiences and utilize synergies. The forum also seeks to develop and promote the use of shared evaluation methods to determine CSR performance along the value chain.