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Corporate Reporting 2015

Henkel Corporate Reporting 2015

More Henkel Corporate Reporting 2015

Sustainability Report 2015

Henkel Sustainability Report 2015

Facts and Figures 2015

Henkel Facts and Figures 2015

Corporate Report 2015

Henkel Corporate Report 2015

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Henkel app
Sustainability Report 2015


Attracting new talents

One of the core elements of our strategy for strengthening our global team is the recruitment of the best possible employees worldwide. The ever more complex and fast-paced business calls for people who respond to challenges in a flexible and proactive way. That is why we look for talents who proactively embrace constant change.

Henkel invests early on in developing future leaders. To help us identify the best students for Henkel at an early stage, we have built up a worldwide network of universities and professors; we also employ several specially designed recruiting instruments. Through our presence at university workshops and presentations, we become acquainted with potential candidates and establish direct and personal communications. By offering challenging internships, students get the opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency and capabilities. At the same time, it allows us to get to know highly qualified and motivated talents early on and present Henkel as an employer of choice.

As digitalization advances, the expectations of both existing and future employees are changing. Our response to this is a digitalization strategy that embraces new possibilities in human resources marketing as well as employee recruitment and development. Social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn are platforms that are especially well suited for engaging in a continuous dialog with potential candidates in a way that is appropriate for this target group. In addition, LinkedIn makes it possible to directly address candidates for filling specialized job vacancies.

Qualified skilled personnel expect a simple and rapid job application procedure. This is why Henkel introduced an improved global application process in April 2015. This improvement is the result of one of the largest human resources management projects of the past two years, in which staff from all regions were involved. Based on the Lean Six Sigma methodology, responsibilities of the involved departments were redefined, and the user-friendliness of the IT systems was improved.

Henkel Innovation Challenge (HIC)

For the eight time, Henkel invited university students from all over the world to submit their visionary ideas and concepts for a Henkel product or technology for 2050. At the end of the challenge, which was held under the motto “Create. Learn. Grow.”, 23 teams comprised of students from 28 countries received their awards. Photo: The Belgian HIC 8 winners Jérémy Denisty (rigth) and Marine Van Halle (middle) with Paul Vetter, General Manager Laundry & Home Care Henkel Benelux.

To meet the demands of specific markets and regions, we make use of specially designed recruiting instruments:

WorldwideTo establish intensive contact with university graduates, the most promising students and interns are nominated for the Henkel Career Track, one of our early binding initiatives. The “Trackies” profit from an exclusive selection of seminars, training sessions and workshops. The programs facilitate the personal development of the participants and also allow them to tap into the extensive Henkel network. All this pays off: Many of the former interns stay with Henkel after they graduate or come back as professionals.
WorldwideSince 2007, we have established the Henkel Innovation Challenge in many countries. The objective is to promote our image as an employer of choice among leading universities worldwide. This annual international competition provides a platform for ambitious students from all disciplines to display their talent. On their way to the international final experienced Henkel managers offer professional input and the young talents gain real-life insights to our fascinating business, which is all about people and brands. From the very start, the Henkel Innovation Challenge proved to be a huge success, and over 35,000 students from all over the world have participated since the program began.
Germanyln Germany, Henkel offers more than 22 apprenticeship professions and five dual-track Bachelor study programs. In 2015, we again took on 157 apprentices. Currently, 508 apprentices and students are learning a profession at Henkel.