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Corporate Reporting 2015

Henkel Corporate Reporting 2015

More Henkel Corporate Reporting 2015

Sustainability Report 2015

Henkel Sustainability Report 2015

Facts and Figures 2015

Henkel Facts and Figures 2015

Corporate Report 2015

Henkel Corporate Report 2015

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Henkel app
Sustainability Report 2015

Results of our audit programs

Main focus of audits in 2014

The Head of the Corporate Audit department reports directly to the Chairman of the Management Board. We carry out regular audits based on our risk-based audit planning at our production and administration sites, and at our subcontractors and in logistics centers, to verify compliance with our codes and standards. The audits are a key instrument for identifying risks and potential improvements.

In 2015, we conducted 78 audits around the world. In the course of the audits, a total of 2,127 corrective actions were agreed upon. The main emphasis in 2015 was on the following areas: sales and distribution (following the issue of a new corporate standard for this area); finance processes in the shared services; local human resources management; compliance at toll manufacturers and subcontractors; and processes relating to safety, health and environment (SHE).

Compliance with the SHE Standards was audited at 117 sites, resulting in the initiation of 478 optimization measures. Maintenance of our Social Standards and our Diversity & Inclusion Policy was examined in 21 audits.

All audit results are included in the Corporate Audit department’s annual report to the Henkel Management Board and the Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board. In addition to the regular audits, we also conducted six reviews of internal monitoring systems, mainly for newly acquired entities. These begin with self-assessments by the reviewed Henkel companies, which are then elaborated in more detail with the help of local auditors.

We also trained 1,289 employees on aspects of compliance, risk management, and internal monitoring in seminars and during our audits in 2015.

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