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Corporate Reporting 2015

Henkel Corporate Reporting 2015

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Sustainability Report 2015

Henkel Sustainability Report 2015

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Corporate Report 2015

Henkel Corporate Report 2015

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Sustainability Report 2015

Laundry & Home Care

Collaboration with our partners is an important element of our strategy. At our Laundry & Home Care Global Experience Center, Dr. Nadine Bluhm, Research and Development at Henkel, and Dr. Roland Ettl, Key Account Manager at BASF, present the advantages of the bleaching catalyst that the two companies developed jointly.

Together with our partners, we are working to make products that will conserve Resources even better, offer improved ease of use, and satisfy the criteria of quality, environmental compatibility and social responsibility in equal measure.

Working together to conserve resources

Our consumers’ expectations mirror our own ambition: We want our products to satisfy the criteria of quality, environmental compatibility and social responsibility. This is because we view this trio as the driver for innovations and the basis for our future competitiveness. Laundry & Home Care’s research and development strategy unites innovation and sustainability to provide resource-efficient technologies and products. Each new product must make a contribution to sustainability in at least one of our six focal areas; partnering with others plays an important role here.

Over the course of a long-standing research cooperation, researchers from BASF and Henkel have jointly developed ingredients for a new generation of premium laundry detergents. They help to remove stubborn stains at significantly lower washing temperatures than is possible with conventional laundry detergents. This new technology is incorporated in the product Persil ColdZyme. If, for example, all Persil ColdZyme wash loads of colored laundry and synthetic textiles were to be washed at 30 instead of 40 degrees Celsius, this would have the potential to avoid around 500,000 metric tons of CO2 every year. This volume would be equivalent to the annual energy demand of 325,000 European households.

Three questions about sustainability at Laundry & Home Care

How important are innovations for the success of your business unit?

Our ambition – to create innovations that deliver more value for consumers, retailers, our own company and society as a whole – is a key pillar of our success. With an innovation rate of over 45 percent, we see ourselves as innovation leaders, opening up new markets and differentiating ourselves from our competition. Our products not only have to deliver first-class performance. They must also always make a measurable contribution to more sustainability.

How do you generate new ideas for sustainable innovations?

This is rooted in close interaction between our research and development and marketing teams. They consider the entire value chain while developing more powerful products that conserve resources even better. We promote this through our innovation culture and have anchored this approach in our innovation process. Another factor is cooperation with our partners. With BASF, for instance, we conducted a joint project to develop new active ingredients for our premium laundry detergents – for even better cleaning performance at low temperatures.

What influence do consumers have on the sustainability performance of your products?

As a company, we can develop and produce these more sustainable products, but 80 percent of their environmental footprint arises during use. So consumers can make a significant contribution to sustainability, for example by selecting a low washing temperature. This is why we try to influence consumers’ behavior through appropriate communication activities. Our retail partners play an important role here, as they are also in direct contact with consumers.

Bruno Piacenza

Executive Vice President Laundry & Home Care