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Corporate Reporting 2015

Henkel Corporate Reporting 2015

More Henkel Corporate Reporting 2015

Sustainability Report 2015

Henkel Sustainability Report 2015

Facts and Figures 2015

Henkel Facts and Figures 2015

Corporate Report 2015

Henkel Corporate Report 2015

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Henkel app
Sustainability Report 2015

Product examples

Taft Ultimate

As part of our commitment to sustainable development, we continuously improve our existing product portfolio. The new Taft Ultimate Hairspray has been formulated with a highly concentrated styling polymer. This means that the amount of product needed for hair styling can be applied with a much shorter spraying time. Less propellant gas and less alcohol are thus used each time. The result is that the amount of raw material input per application is reduced by 55 percent. In 2015, we thus achieved a savings potential of 1,500 metric tons of CO2.

Syoss Renew 7

The new platform formula developed for Syoss Renew 7 permits considerable ingredient savings versus its predecessor, along with improved product performance. It contains 16 percent less surfactants and 60 percent less cationic polymers. At the same time, the formulation has 10 percent more renewable ingredients, enabling the carbon footprint to be reduced by 18 percent overall. Product performance has also been improved, by 75 percent in regard to combability and by 80 percent with respect to repairing of split ends – highly relevant aspects for the consumer.


Studies show that washing one’s hands regularly with soap provides an important basis for a healthy life. This is why Dial supported the Global Handwashing Day for the second time. The idea is to increase awareness of the importance of hand washing as effective and low-cost protection from illness. In addition to this important social aspect, the Dial brand also considers the environment: The Dial Recycling Center shows consumers online which packaging materials are used for Dial products and where they can be recycled.

Diadermine N°110

Diadermine N°110 Care Series

The product line Diadermine N°110 combines excellent efficacy and certified compatibility, even for people with sensitive skin, all with a reduced environmental footprint. The body oil can be manufactured without heating the ingredients, so that the production process uses less energy, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint. Only plant-based oils are used. Through smart combination of 11 multi-functional active ingredients, the entire care series provides perceptible anti-aging effects. All skin-care products of the Diadermine brand have also been recognized by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) for their especially good skin compatibility and particularly low allergenic potential.

Gliss Kur Total Repair 19 Shampoo

Gliss Kur Total Repair 19 Shampoo

A new platform formula was developed for this product. By optimizing the surfactant combination, the carbon footprint has been reduced by 15 percent. The formula contains 5 percent more renewable ingredients. The share of readily biodegradable substances has been increased by 10 percent. At the same time, the product performance has been improved in aspects of high relevance to consumers, with 15 percent better wet combability, and 38 percent better repairing of split ends.

Drei Wetter Taft Styling-Puder und Drei Wetter Taft Power Haarlack

Taft Volume Powder and Taft Power Hair Lacquer

The innovative formula of the styling powder results in a 90-percent smaller carbon footprint compared with foam-based products. The packaging uses neither gas propellant nor resource-intensive aluminum.

We continue to improve our existing assortments as well, as part of our commitment to sustainable development. To cite one example, a new formula was developed for the Power Hair Lacquer under the Taft styling brand, which delivers the same performance with 15 percent less styling active ingredients than its predecessor.

Gliss Kur Daily Oil Elixir

Gliss Kur Daily Oil Elixir

The concentrated oil formula requires significantly fewer raw materials per application than a conventional repair product while still providing high care performance. Unlike emulsion formulations, no additional heat is required during the manufacturing process, which means that less energy is used. Since the product is not rinsed out, consumers also benefit in the application stage by saving water and energy for hair drying. The product’s compact size and low weight result in less packaging waste and a smaller transport footprint.

Diadermine Lift+

Diadermine Lift+ Skin Perfection facial oil

The new Diadermine facial oil has a formulation that requires no additional heat during the manufacturing process, making it highly resource-efficient compared to emulsion formulations. The formula contains no water and therefore requires no preservatives. The product’s compact size also means that the oil has a smaller CO2 footprint from packaging materials and transport. Only a few drops are needed to smooth and provide intensive care for the skin, leaving no oily residue behind. The product was also recognized by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) for especially good skin tolerance.

BC Repair Rescue

Schwarzkopf – Hair care with an optimized packaging design

By reducing packaging components, the packaging weight of the various hair care products was decreased by 20 percent compared to customary packaging. The carbon footprint of the new packaging is also 32 percent lower.

Strong and natural: the new ammonia-free coloring and care system from ESSENSITY

Strong and natural: the new ammonia-free coloring and care system from ESSENSITY

The new ESSENSITY product line offers outstanding product performance together with vivid colors and natural intensity. As a coloring product that uses no ammonia, silicone, or mineral oil, it also serves as an example of plant-based care products. The ingredients used have been optimized for biodegradability. We were also able to reduce packaging weight by 30 percent, thereby also achieving a 30 percent reduction in CO2 emissions.

Theramed Pro Electric

In-line printing for Theramed Pro Electric shipments

Theramed Pro Electric contains a high-performance formulation specially developed for electric toothbrushes. The concentrated patent-pending formulations for the different product variations allow precise dosing, foam nicely, are gentle on enamel, and work effectively against plaque. Thanks to the active ingredient, only a small amount is needed to provide intensive cleaning action.

Materials use was also reduced in the area of logistics for Theramed Pro Electric tubes. Previously, a variety of pre-printed boxes had to be regularly ordered and delivered in cost-effective quantities for shipping. Extra stickers were needed to handle short-term changes and special requirements. In addition, excess materials with outdated printing had to be disposed of. In 2013, in-line printing was introduced for shipments of Theramed Pro Electric tubes, which meant that boxes could be printed as required, in the logistics center shortly before shipment. Large quantities of boxes can now be ordered and delivered at the same time with no risk, thereby reducing energy use. The new printing process is also resource-efficient, since waste is avoided. This means that Theramed’s environmental footprint has been reduced.

Taft Glanz – now with shining lamination

Taft Glanz – now with shining lamination

Our improved Taft Glanz line with shining lamination uses fewer resources than the previous formulation. It nevertheless gives hair 50 percent more shine compared to untreated hair, thanks to high-performance formulations used in hair spray, hair lacquer, and mousse styling products that leave hair looking like it has been polished. The wax gel with shine oils melts to an even film that leaves hair shining and contains approximately 46 percent renewable raw materials to reduce its CO2 footprint. The new 7-day shine booster is a styling sensation that lasts for up to three hair washes, thereby providing significantly better product performance. These are examples of achieving more with less.

Schauma Sports Power shampoo

Schauma Sports Power shampoo

Schauma Sports Power shampoo provides immediate hair strengthening and a major freshness boost. This power shampoo and its high-performance formulation with carnitine-T and protein is special because it is a shampoo and body wash in one. This reduces materials use and waste while creating more room in the shower.

Gliss Kur 6 Miracles Oil Essence

Gliss Kur 6 Miracles Oil Essence

The premium 6 Miracles Oil Essence hair oil from Gliss Kur provides maximum product performance while saving energy and water during hair care. 6 Miracles Oil Essence satisfies six hair care needs in just one application: anti-straw action, heat protection, split-end reduction, easier styling, anti-frizz care, and luxurious hair. The formulation does not have to be rinsed out after application, thereby reducing water use when hair is washed. Fair trade argan oil makes the product particularly high quality and kind to the skin. The highly concentrated water-free formulation does not have to be heated and therefore is highly energy-saving during production.

Right Guard Muscle Relax body wash

Right Guard Muscle Relax body wash

Right Guard Muscle Relax is based on a formulation with a lower surfactant concentration and a different surfactant ratio. The lower concentration of surfactants means that less water is used when showering and energy use is lower because of shorter rinse times. The special muscle-relaxing complex in the body wash helps to relieve tension when used under a warm shower while massaging the muscles. The skin is also protected from drying out.

Fa Shower + Lotion

Fa Shower + Lotion

Fa body washes, e.g. the Fa Shower+Lotion series, contain a new formulation with an optimized surfactant mixture and include the nourishing vitamin niacinamide for improved tolerance. It is gentler than before, protects and strengthens the natural protective layer of the skin, and maintains the skin’s moisture balance. This protects the skin from drying out. The lower concentration of surfactants means that less water is used when showering and energy use is lower because of shorter rinse times.