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Corporate Reporting 2015

Henkel Corporate Reporting 2015

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Sustainability Report 2015

Henkel Sustainability Report 2015

Facts and Figures 2015

Henkel Facts and Figures 2015

Corporate Report 2015

Henkel Corporate Report 2015

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Henkel app
Sustainability Report 2015

Adhesive Technologies

More performance with a reduced footprint: Morey employees Chris Murphy (right) and Demetria Wright along with Brian Betti of Henkel examine a circuit board before the application of Loctite GC 10. The use of Loctite GC 10 has improved Morey’s production yields by more than 15 percent.

Loctite GC 10 is temperature stable and does not need to be refrigerated during transport, storage or application. This helps our customers to increase the efficiency of their processes while also reducing costs. From the left: Kevin Hussey from Morey, Hailey Kamen from Henkel and Demetria Wright from Morey talk about the benefits of using Loctite GC 10 in production processes.

In 2015, Henkel became Morey's primary partner for supplyling solder and adhesive materials for the production of advanced electronic technologies. A close working relationship is key: Here (from the left) Hailey Kamen and Demetria Wright.

Our powerful innovations and leading technologies create more value for our customers. Sustainability is an integral part of both our innovation and product development processes.

A strong partner

Henkel is the leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide. Our comprehensive technology portfolio allows experts from our Adhesive Technologies business unit to develop customized solutions together with our customers around the world.

One example of this is our long-standing partnership with the Morey Corporation, an electronics manufacturer based in the USA. Our experts work closely with Morey to develop solutions to the challenges of the ongoing demand for smaller electronic devices with increased functionality. Our teams are involved as early as the design stage, sharing deep industry knowledge and providing insights into material requirements. Morey uses more than 15 Henkel technologies that enable it to simplify its supply chain, optimize performance and drive sustainability.

One of these technologies is our innovative temperature-stable solder paste, Loctite GC 10. It is the first-ever solder paste that can be stored at up to 26.5 degrees Celsius for as long as one year, and at up to 40 degrees Celsius for one month. This cuts energy consumption and reduces waste by eliminating the need to transport or store solder pastes in refrigerated conditions.

Three questions about sutainability at Adhesive Technologies

Henkel is the global market leader in adhesives. However, it is often not easy to recognize where these products are applied.

With our comprehensive technology portfolio, our Adhesives business is the leading solution provider worldwide. We act as a partner and source of expertise for our customers, and we are active in a large variety of markets. These include the packaging, metals, automotive and electronics industries, as well as aerospace applications. Our products are included in many things where one might not automatically expect to find them – from packaging, books, cell phones and furniture through to shoes, cars and airplanes.

And how do adhesives help make these more sustainable?

Our aim is to develop innovative solutions that deliver in terms of both performance and resource efficiency. Our adhesives help to save energy by making cars and aircraft lighter, as well as by insulating buildings better. We also play a part in making production processes more efficient. Our Loctite GC 10 solder paste is an example of this: It not only creates substantial value for ourselves and our customers – it also generates significant benefits in terms of energy use, thereby contributing to resource efficiency.

What potential do you see in the development of sustainable products and technologies in your business unit?

We see sustainability as a megatrend that will accelerate the development and use of new adhesive technologies, for example in areas such as the automotive industry. Our Bonderite brand already enables our automotive customers to achieve major cuts in waste volume and energy use in their manufacturing operations. It is only by introducing innovations like these that we can continue to meet our customers’ requirements in the future.

Jan-Dirk Auris

Executive Vice President Adhesive Technologies